Date 15.04.2019

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Obere Donaustraße 11/2/4
1020 Vienna

Telephone: +43 (0) 676 7889935

VAT-identification number: ATU61423677

Company Owner & Director: Andreas Burgstaller

Company Headquarters: Vienna

Commercial register number: FN256098s

Commercial register court: Commercial court Vienna

Regulating authority: Magistrate of the city of Vienna, municipial district office for the 2nd/20th district

Responsible Chamber: Austrian Federal Economic Chamber of Vienna: Shipping, Internet & General Trade

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Out-of-court dispute resolution

The Commission of the European Union is providing an (ODR-platform) online-platform for dispute resolution under the following link

Consumers living in the European Union can use this platform to resolve disputes regarding contractual obligations that result from online contracts, outside of court.

We are obliged to inform you about the existence of this platform. Yet we are not obliged to participate in a dispute settlement proceeding in front of a consumer arbitration board.

We strive towards solving any dispute amicably via our customer service at

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