About Us

Date 07.08.2018


The very Beginning

In 1989 I moved with my family from Warsaw to Vienna. During my studies in Vienna, my mother and I started to import Polish pottery to Austria. We were inspired by two mugs which my mother had received from her sister for her birthday. These were the first Polish ceramic mugs from which I drank my tea and which still serve us to this day. Enthusiastic about the high quality of the ceramics and the elegant, dark blue design, we decided to bring the pottery from our homeland to Vienna and share our passion with Austria. In the winter of 2008 we opened our first stand at the Christmas market Am Hof in Vienna's first district.

On the 15th of November I had the honour of selling the first product to a dear lady, who is still our loyal customer and regularly visits our markets. Within the first few weeks we saw that Polish pottery was well received by locals as well as by tourists, who visit Vienna during the winter time for its Christmas markets.

2009 - 2017

A Trip to Bolesławiec

In the spring of 2009, my mother and I went on an a trip to Bolesławiec, where Polish pottery originates. We wanted to get to know the place and the manufactory from which the products we had sold came from and examine the production process. After a long drive through the snowy roads of Silesia, we finally arrived in Bolesławiec. There, we found out that there are 15 different ceramic manufacturers. Each manufactory produces pottery in different shapes and patterns, with some overlapping such as the Classic or Peacock pattern. Other patterns are exclusive property of the respective manufactory and are withheld from the other manufacturers, such as Flora or the Artistic pattern.


Opening the Web Shop

Ever since we began distributing the Polish pottery in Vienna on Christmas and Easter markets, one question customers always asked us was: "Where can I get the ceramics throughout the whole year?". Finally, I decided to create an online shop where our customers can buy the Polish ceramics throughout the year.

Special Thanks

At this point I would like to thank all the dear people who helped me build the web shop and have always supported me during the founding period. Many thanks to my family and friends! Your help has been indispensable.

Maciej Idziorek